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Winner of IMEAK Chamber of Shipping

Blueway is a digital platform which provides live reporting, stats and B2B services for yachts and travel agencies.

Stop losing time

Stop losing time

Booking Chart for 2600 weeks in 1 second

Wide Network

Wide Network

Contact with 100+ Yachts ve 100+ Travel agencies

Stay Updated

Stay Updated

Never miss any update with push notifications

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Previous seasons, 2023 season, follow each one in seconds

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How to use Blueway App?


Sign-up Free

You can create a yacht and travel agency account with your e-mail and number.


Add your yacht

Update your booking chart. Upload seaworthiness certificate. Reach 100+ travel agencies


Add your travel agency.

Register with DTO or TÜRSAB number. Verify your e-mail and phone number. Reach 100+ yacht.

Download on iPhone and Android

Download on iPhone and Android

You can install Blueway on your Apple, Android phone, tablet and computer. You can download it for free from App Store, Play Store, Huawei & Samsung and Amazon Store. You can use it with Turkish and English language options.

What products does Blueway offer?

There are 3 products named Portal, Showroom and Search

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Blueway Portal

Check booking chart 24/7 via web portal and mobile application free. Expand your yacht and travel agency portfolio instantly. Blueway Portal is Turkey's first-and-only platform developed for blue voyage.

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Blueway Search

As an agency, you can easily find information such as 2600 weeks, 100+ accessories, technical information, plan and cabin structure of 100+ boats. For the first time, searching for a boat with Blueway Search has been presented in such a fast, easy and advanced way.

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Blueway Showroom

Publish your yacht's website in 5 minutes. Save photos and information without technical knowledge. Have a site with desktop, mobile and multilingual support. Your passengers can find you online with the Blueway Showroom, which has a high SEO score and performance and is always up-to-date. You can easily share your photos and information with your friends.

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Take the first step to digital transformation now

Prepare your yacht and travel agency for the future of the blue cruise industry with the products offered by Blueway. With the spread of technology in every field, take your place in the digital world and catch the age. If you are in the tourism industry, a smartphone and the Blueway application are all it takes to start your digital transformation.

Blueway Members
Artemis SimayDreamlandDenizkızı ASmryna 1Cevri Hasan 4Sevi 5
Artemis SimayDreamlandDenizkızı ASmryna 1Cevri Hasan 4Sevi 5

Start free, catch season 2023!

You can use Blueway with two different language options, Turkish and English, with the website and mobile application.

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Push Notifications

Be instantly informed about Sales and Discounts. Grab last minute deals.


Daily Email Reports

Keep track of all changes with the report we send each morning. Stay updated.


Craft a webpage in 5 minutes

Built your Showroom with SEO support.


Advanced Smart Search

Search for 100+ yachts, 2600 weeks, 200+ accessories, 50+ filters


Practical and Effective Offer

As an travel agency, instantly create and send offers to passengers for the boat you choose.


Analytics and Previous Seasons

Track previous seasons, weekly & monthly reports and your boat's popularity.


Blueway Membership Plans

PRO membership is free for you to take the first step in digital transformation.

  • Unlimited Yacht Listing
  • Agency Membership
  • Push Notifications
  • Mobile App & Web Portal
  • Simple Yacht Search
  • Exclusive Yacht Search
  • Showroom
  • Smart Offer Tool
  • Analytics and Reports


0/ monthly

Take the first step!

Yacht Premium

29/ monthly

Take the first step!

Agency Premium

29/ monthly

Take the first step!

Looking for a special price for you? You can contact us.

What did our members say about Blueway?

Opinions of boats and agencies using Blueway Premium.

Cevat Yıldızhan

Cevat Yıldızhan

Yıldızhanlar 2

Blueway is a digital product developed with up-to-date technologies that enables the digitalization of boats and agencies serving in the tourism sector. In order to transfer the blue cruise, which is a cultural heritage, to future generations, it is necessary to exist on the internet. Blueway is the first and only platform in Turkey that offers these services for those who want to take the first step in digital transformation.

Süleyman Yanık

Süleyman Yanık

Artemis Simay

After I became a member, I wrote my full-empty week and price information. Agencies can easily follow the most up-to-date information with Blueway. I can see and contact the agencies that are members.

Doğan Derya

Doğan Derya

Özler Gulet

With the Blueway Showroom, we created our search engine compatible website using up-to-date technologies. We got rid of the hassle of maintenance and old knowledge. Passengers can easily look at the photos. He can see accessories, routes, cabin structure and boat plan. He can watch the promotional video and get to know the team. I just got the domain address, Blueway takes care of the rest. No annual maintenance or extra costs other than a monthly subscription fee.

Barbaros Güneş

Barbaros Güneş

Barbaros Yachting

Listing only commercial yachts, Blueway enables agencies to effortlessly track full-empty weeks and prices. I use it from my computer when I'm in the office, and from my mobile phone and tablet when I'm out. I can follow all price and sales status changes in 5 minutes with instant notifications and daily reports.

Murat Özbaydar

Murat Özbaydar

Ramses Yachting

Passengers' price, cabin, capacity, accessories, route, date etc. With Blueway's Exclusive Search product, I can find boats that meet comprehensive criteria such as, within seconds, and instantly create an offer and send it via whatsapp or email.

Mehmet Dalgıç

Mehmet Dalgıç


Before Blueway, at the beginning of each season, I was sending the full-empty week and price information to the agencies one by one via e-mail, whatsapp or phone. When there was a change, I was calling the agencies and notifying them. Sometimes I would spend several hours a day just giving this information. Currently, agents see this information instantly, they only call me when they make a sale. Blueway has saved me dozens of hours during the season alone.

Göksel Pırnal

Göksel Pırnal

Biga Yachting

We use it in our agency. Normally we were working with around 20 boats and it was very difficult to keep track of which weeks were available. Thanks to this platform, we can now work with hundreds of boats. Capacity, accessories, date, price, etc. according to our customers' requirement. we can easily find suitable boats from a single panel. Thanks to you, we have increased our sales, thank you.

We are available in App store and Play store ✌️

You can download Blueway Mobile App to iPhone, iPad, M1 Macbook, Android phones and tablets by scanning the barcode below with your camera.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to general questions about Blueway.

What is Blueway?

Blueway is a new generation digital platform that offers B2B focused real-time information, analytics and reporting solutions targeting the Blue Voyage market of the tourism industry.

What is history?

It was designed and developed in 2016, and in 2017, it started to serve in the pilot region Bodrum. Denizci Millet, organized by IMEAK DTO in 2020, received the first prize in the Seafarer Country Innovative Project Competition.

Who is Blueway for?

Blueway is for commercial yacht owners with seaworthiness certificate and travel agents registered with the Chamber of Shipping or TÜRSAB.

What kind of solutions does Blueway offer?

Blueway has 3 different products. The Portal, which lists the full-empty weeks and prices of commercial yachts, is for boat owners and travel agents. Boat owners can create a website in 5 minutes with the Showroom product. Agents can search 2600+ weeks, 200+ accessories and 50+ criteria with Exlusive Search product.

What are the membership plans?

Blueway offers 3 different plans: Pro (free), Yacht Premium (29 Euros per month) and Agency Premium (29 Euros per month).

Is there a commitment?

No. There are no commitments on Blueway. When your monthly subscription ends, you can switch to the free PRO plan.

How can I use it?

You can use Blueway on website (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.) and mobile devices. It supports phones and tablets using Android and iOS operating systems.

What language options are there?

You can use Blueway on all platforms with Turkish and English language options.


Have an idea to improve Blueway? Contact our support team.