Blueway Tutorials

Here are the some tips to get familiar with Blueway.
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Tip 1 - Upgrade Your Plan

Invest your business to grow up.

Business Plan shows your boat's ranking, price analysis, sales metrics, monthly and overall analytics.

All in one solution.

Enterprise Plan is all in one solution. Benefit from artificial intelligence power. Serve live data on your website with iFrame or API.

Tip 2 - Stay Connected

Supports Multiple Platforms

Blueway supports website, mobile applications and smart devices. Don't get stuck with a single platform. Download Blueway's iOS, Android, Tablet, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS or Smart TV apps.

Tip 3 - Notifications

Stay up to date

Allow notification request from browsers and mobile applications. Then, you will be receiving price and sales changes instantly. Don't miss updates anymore.

Tip 4 - Emails

Verify Account

Please verify your account to use Blueway's smart features.

Welcome to Blueway

This is a guideline email.

Plan & Payment Changes

Track your sales milestone, payment and plan changes.

Tip 5 - Smart Boat Management

Simple & Efficient

We designed a smart and compact screen to manage your boat's 24 weeks, prices and sales status.